Top 10 evergreen off-page techniques for link building

Link building is a practice of procuring and earning links on other websites that are associated with your site. In order to improve the reputation of your site, you have to increase the natural links to get high ranks from Google and other search engines. Building links is an essential part of the SEO.

Today, several SEO specialists are one of the heftiest marketing channels for business, because it basically targets people who are in need of products. And it also looks after the internal structure of the website so that you can achieve a better rank in SERP pages. The SEO off page techniques will help you in earning quality backlinks for your websites. You can use some of the following techniques to earn good rankings and get more priority over websites. These are as follows:-

  • Article Submission Sites ListArticle submission is a procedure of publishing articles in the directory to get backlinks. It is very helpful in gaining the traffic at your website from the targeted audience. It is conducted for specific websites when we are concerned with SEO and it really improves the search for the article. Today renowned and small business companies are willing to gather more attention on the online platform where they can publish their content and distribute it online. The distribution of content plays a vital role in marketing service in the present scenario. It is a very famous technique in the marketing domain.
  • Social Bookmarking / Social Sharing – Social bookmarking sites are usually available on the internet to share web pages, blog posts, articles, videos, and images. The foremost importance of social bookmarking or social sharing is that it increases your brand awareness in the marketing domain. By doing this your content will get hype and it will go viral. It is very convenient in driving the traffic and gets you valuable backlinks for your website. Social bookmarking introduces a site to the search engine. There are some social sharing sites where you can increase your rankings like Pinterest, Twitter, dribble, StumbleUpon, pocket and many more.
  • PPT SubmissionPPT submission is one of the smart man-oeuvres to do SEO efficiently. It is done to generate more traffic to the website and to attract the audience. With the digital revolution customers are now smart so and hence no one reads the long-lost articles and everything so it is a tactful off page technique in SEO to target the audience. It is also done to increase the inbound links and the visibility of the website in the searches. You can also increase your backlinks by submitting the PPT as these are very organized and attractive which easily generates traffic.
  • SEO Profile CreationProfile creation is a type of off page link building technique. It is basically performed to create backlinks and generate traffic on the website. By this medium, you can create a perfect visibility and tell others about your profile and services. Here you can create your profile on various platforms such as forum sites, social networking, and so on as it will get you high-quality links to the website. Therefore, by adding these backlinks to your website URL you will experience a sheer traffic on the site. You can also get access to domain and page authority in a very organized way.
  • Video SubmissionToday every website owner and blogger wants to achieve high ranking in the search results. Simultaneously, SEO is one of the popular ways to increase the website traffic and page ranking. However, video submission is one of the impeccable technique and an effective method to excel the Google page rank in SERP. Because the video mode is the best way to increase your popularity on the web as it has taken almost 64% of the internet traffic. And video submission in SEO is a very crucial part of marketing as it allows your video to be uploaded to the websites and provides it exposure. Therefore, video submission is the best method to engage the audience with the site.
  • Infographic submission Infographic submission is one the tactics involved in the SEO which is a visual plus informative representation of the data. It also enhances the SEO and attracts the targeted audience more as the brain of the humans responds more quickly to any graphics and informative representation. Infographic submission is done to enhance the traffic and to build the backlinks strongly and effectively.  These are more effective in search engines as the audience does not read long articles and blogs. And the audience has also given positive feedbacks to these infographic representations. The popular sites to submit your infographics are, Infographic Reviews e.t.c.
  • Classified SubmissionIt is one of the most influential ways of online advertising where you can create a new ad and let the world know about your business and services. It comprises of SEO strategies for promotion to drive potential buyers and generate sales. Internet is such a big platform where you can find numerous classified sites and directories where you can easily promote and put your ad. The best part of the classified submission is that you can create backlinks to push your websites in the search engine rankings. Hence, this is the best mode to promote you ads and services on the internet domain.
  • Web 2.0 SubmissionAs now the content are not published on the web by the journalists or by the government so web 2.0 allows the users to create their own content and publish it on the web including all the social media sites and on the self-publishing platforms such as BlogSpot, word press etc and it also allows you to do social bookmarking f the content easily. The main purpose of web 2.0 submissions is to share the content created by the audience on the hub pages, blog sites, Squidoo and on many more sites. The main sites where you can submit it are Livejournal, WordPress etc
  • RSS SubmissionToday, every business is struggling to get a high rank in Google. It is an amiable part of the corporate as well as personal life as it is really hard to browse each of the preferred sites for the business purpose. And to do all this on one platform there is a shortcut formula and it is RSS submission which is very magnificent. It is a simple syndication to maintain the website through bookmarking in order to get the regular circulation of the updates. Hence, you can gather all your headlines from you’re signed up the site to get a practical circulation of the feeds.
  • Forum SubmissionNowadays Forum Submission is becoming very popular with the increase in page ranking of the companies site and individual blogs as well. It is basically a community where members share the same interest and passion regarding the topic. The main features of forum submission are that you can post comments that give help to one or more users referring to the website and it can benefit you sale by establishing you as a perfect service provider. In the same manner, if you want to draw attention towards the website then by your products you can excel your page rankings by providing high-resolution organic backlinks.

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